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Hockey Hall of Fame Unstoppable, Firefly Books

Visual Dictionary, Firefly Books

Football Now!, Firefly Books

Artisan Toolkit, Far & Wide Collective


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Advisor’s Edge Report

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What the CSA’s Bombshell Proposals Mean for You

What’s a Total Return Swap?

CSA Reports Increase in Fines

Are Share Buybacks Good for Your Client’s Portfolio?

Best Execution Proposal

Crowdfunding Exemption Helps Business Owners

2016 Investment Preview

OSC Whistleblower Program Released

Advisor’s Edge

How to Blow the Whistle

What Fiftysomethings Expect from Their Advisors

OSC’s Whistleblower Program Open for Business

What 30-Somethings Expect from Their Advisors

Client Confidential, May 2016

The Big Question, April 2016

The Big Question, March 2016

The Big Question, February 2016

The Sharing Economy and Your Clients’ Taxes

What You Can Learn from U.S. Advisors


Liquid Alts: Hyped Up or Helpful?

How Presidential Candidates Would Reform Wall St.

What’s New for Your 2015 and 2016 Tax Return

Why You May Need a Robo-Advisor


What Is an RRSP?

How an American Spouse Can Minimize U.S. Tax

Sharing Assets

Family Tax Benefits in 2015

Help for Families Filing 2014 Taxes


Bringing Up Wellness during HR Policy Drafting with SMEs

Review Healthcare Pooling with Your Client, Part 2

Review Healthcare Pooling with Your Client, Part 1

Helping Your Client Save Their Business

Signs Your Client Is in Trouble

Helping Clients with Data Protection


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The Hidden Agenda of My EAC Mentor

Red Rocket Coffee

By the Book

Freelance Fashion

Q&A: Mary Lawson on the Author/Editor Relationship