for students

Do you want to submit a thesis that is free from language errors and that effectively conveys your hard work? Do you have an academic paper that needs polishing, so that your ideas—not your grammatical errors—take centre stage? Poor grammar distracts readers from your work; incorrect punctuation can alter your meaning. I can help by offering a professional copy edit.

A copy edit is like hair and makeup for text: It gets your content ready for its close-up—and copy editing is one of my specialties.

During a copy edit, I edit your work for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and consistency. Editing decisions are based on clearly denoted rules of style, such as those enumerated in The Chicago Manual of Style, the MLA Style Manual, the Publication Manual of the APA, and The CSE Manual. I know these styles, and I apply the appropriate one to your work, resulting in a polished thesis or paper.

Please note that editorial ethics prevent me from correcting your citations, but I can identify errors and bring them to your attention with appropriate queries to you.

Before contacting me, I suggest you do two things:

  1. Obtain permission for professional editing from your academic supervisor.
  2. Get your paper ready for copy editing by revising it as necessary.

Both your academic institution and my professional association, the Editors’ Association of Canada, provide guidelines for editing academic theses. Please see my blog post “The Thesis Edit” for more information.

The cost of editing a thesis is calculated on an individual basis, taking into consideration the number of pages, the number of words per page, and the density and quality of the writing. For a quote, please be ready to send me a few sample pages of your work. (I work with Word files sent via email.) Once you have your estimate, we can proceed with signing an editorial contract, which fully explains my editorial obligations to you.

Please note that half the payment is required up front, before editing commences, and half is due upon delivery of your edited thesis. Payments can be made by e-transfer.