frequently asked questions

why hire an editor? answer: for excellence in communication

(For a David Letterman–inspired answer, check out this post on reasons to hire an editor.)

Maybe you represent a business and want to build a strong brand that appeals to your target market. Not only will I ensure that your content is clear, concise, and consistent, but I will also keep the audience in mind in order to craft an effective message that gets results.

Corporate communications, including newsletters and reports that contain vital information for employees and shareholders, have the potential to reflect poorly on a company and cause confusion—or worse—if the content is not accurate and clear. I can catch errors before publication—and public mortification.

If you’re a writer ready to self-publish, an editor is indispensable to prepare your manuscript for the market. Every writer, regardless of skill, benefits from the disinterested (not to be confused with uninterested!) editorial eye that a professional editor provides.

You’ve worked hard on your book, and you’ll have to work hard to market your book. Don’t negate your hard efforts by forgoing editorial help. Readers are annoyed and distracted by editorial mistakes, and you’ll lose valuable word-of-mouth recommendations if your manuscript is unedited.

As your editor, I can assist with the overall structure of your work, the character development and narrative arc (for novels), and the tone. In the final stages, a thorough copy edit will ensure your manuscript is errorless, resulting in an e-book that’s a pleasure to read.

If you’re a writer who has never been edited before, I understand your concerns and fears. I know how much you care about your work; I know how hard it is to surrender your work to editorial criticism. But rest assured that I will handle your work with the care, transparency, and flexibility that every writer deserves. You and your work—and your readers—will only gain from the editorial process.

how much does editing cost?

The cost of editing is calculated on an individual basis. To give you an estimate, I ask that you provide me with a sample of your work and the word count. From these, I will ascertain the type of editorial work and time required.

how long does editing take?

The required time will depend on my workload and the editorial needs of your project. Let me know if you require a short turnaround; I aim to please.

will a contract be provided?

Yes, I will provide you with an editorial agreement that outlines the editorial tasks to be completed, the delivery date, and the terms of payment.