editorial services

copy editing

I don’t call myself CopyEditCat for nothing: If you require a thorough copy edit, I’m your cat. This type of editing is done when a manuscript or other work is in its final stage, after revisions have been made. Copy editing includes correcting errors in grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics of style (the application of rules from a style guide, such as The Chicago Manual of Style). Copy editing also includes checking for consistency in capitalization, abbreviations, distinctive type, and the treatment of numerals.

stylistic editing

Stylistic editing, or line editing, is for text that requires more help than a copy edit. Text is reworked sentence by sentence so that clarity is achieved.

substantive editing

This is “big picture” editing: organizing the structure of a text so ideas are presented in a logical, coherent manner.


Proofreading ensures that edited proofs comply with design details and conform to accepted publishing standards. Proofreading may include checking folios, alterations to text, tables, figures, cross-references, headings, and running heads and feet.

fact checking

Let me sweat the small (or not-so-small) stuff: As your editor, I can verify facts against original sources.

researching and permissions

I find source material for a project or obtain permissions for copyrighted material.

writing or rewriting

Maybe you require content for a report, brochure, blog, newsletter, or other project. I can write new material that wins over your audience. I can also rewrite text that is in need of transformation before publication. No project is too small or too large.


I help manage your content by inserting the appropriate codes to identify your content’s various structural elements.