My name is Michelle Schriver, and I’m the CopyEditCat of CopyEditCat Editorial Services. I’m a freelance editor and writer, a member of Editors Canada, and a two-time award-winning graduate of Ryerson’s Publishing Program.

I have a background in sciences, but words are my real love (check out my blurb in this post about finding career satisfaction in editing).

What else do I love?

  • reading (words!), discussion and debate, ideas, mentors, learning
  • freshly brewed coffee, macarons, ice cream
  • bodies of water, sunrises, daisies, lilacs
  • sports, the Blue Jays, competition
  • movies, theatre, CBC radio, Twitter, road trips
  • silence, generosity, enthusiasm, kindness, spontaneity

And I know what to steer clear of:

  • noise, tabloids, Facebook, scooters (tore my ACL on one)
  • ale (lager for me), cake (never as good as it looks)
  • negativity, shoulds (“I really should . . .”)

I spend a lot of time volunteering—volunteers are another thing I love: people who come together for a common cause. Working with volunteers is always a positive experience: Every person is present because they want to serve, and that’s a great atmosphere in which to work.

The last two years, I acted as sponsorship coordinator for the annual conference of Editors Canada. I secured funds from schools and private businesses to support this professional development event. I’m now vice-chair of seminars for Editors Toronto; I also edit and write for BoldFace, the blog of Editors Toronto (see the link in the sidebar).

For years, I’ve volunteered at my church as a fundraiser, committee member, and envelope secretary. I’m grateful to work with people who serve one another—and the wider community—in love and humility, without judgment or pretense. (If you’re turned off by religion or feel rejected by or left out of the church, email me for details on this one.)

For even more years, I’ve been a volunteer with an international pregnancy service. I counsel clients, answer the crisis hotline, train new volunteers, write a newsletter, and serve on the advisory board. I’m humbled by the dedication and compassion of my fellow volunteers, and I’m inspired by the people we have the privilege of helping.

When it comes to being an editor, I’m enthusiastic, self-motivated, detail-oriented, and eager to serve my clients, including Firefly BooksFar & Wide Collective and TC Media (Advisor’s Edge, Advisor To Client, Small Biz Advisor)—and you!

Hire me if you’re looking for excellent service from an editor who cares about the details of your project as much as you do.